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2023 – 2024 Curling Season

Fall 2022 Draw - November 7 to December 17, 2022

Winter 2023 Draw - January 9 to February 11, 2023

Spring 2023 Draw - February 12 to March 25, 2023

Membership TYpe       



Full Members 1

Full Members
Couples Discount 2
Seasonal 4
New Members 5
Social 6
University Student 7
NBCC Student 7
Youth 8










1 Full Membership – Regular members. 

2 Full Members Couples Discount Membership– for FULL Membership couples only – Membership Fee Discount (No tax).

Does not apply to new couples. 

4 Seasonal Membership – For FULL members only, who will be away a minimum one of the 3 draws during the curling season. This can be during two draws where they will be away for some weeks of one draw and some of another, but a consecutive 6 weeks minimum.

5 New Member – also includes previous members who have not been members of the Heather Curling Club for the prior three seasons (starting 2018-19).

6 Social Memberships – Don’t want to curl but would still like to be involved with club member events. Social members can use the club (excluding ice time) during curling season without rental fees (such as card games, craft sessions), and partake in Club functions that would not normally include the public.

7 Student Membership – University or College Students - must have Student ID Card. 

         *NBCC students are subsidized by NBCC. Student pays $40.00 and rest is collected by Club from NBCC.

8 Youth – Youth 18 and Under.

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